Lucasfilm totally did not want this Kylo Ren joke in Wreck-It Ralph 2


Lucasfilm seemingly didn’t want to entertain the truth about villain Kylo Ren when approached about a joke for Wreck-It Ralph 2.

After seeing the handful of trailers for Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet, it looks like Disney doesn’t mind poking a little fun at itself. Everyone went wild over seeing the Disney Princesses. And the first trailer showed us that there are Disney places on the internet for Ralph and Vanellope to visit that include Marvel, the Muppets, Pixar and Star Wars.

Given that Star Wars is a such a popular property of Disney, it makes sense that Ralph Breaks the Internet would want to include them in its movie. The first trailer gave us a glimpse of flying X-Wings and Storm Troopers, but that might not be the last Star Wars reference the movie gives us. At least, there could have been an additional reference.

According to IGN, Directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, as well as head of story Josie Trinidad, wanted to add in an extra joke about the movie — one where Kylo Ren would be the punching bag. Moore told IGN:

"At one point we had a joke about Kylo Ren being kind of a spoiled child. We went to Lucasfilm and said, here’s what we’re doing. And they said, well, we’d prefer that you don’t show him as a spoiled child. You know, he is our villain, and we’d prefer you don’t do that. So we were respectful of that."

Unfortunately, it looks like Lucasfilm here had a hard time accepting the truth that Kylo Ren sort of is a spoiled brat. It should go without saying that Lucasfilm themselves set this image up in the first place. First, in The Force Awakens, showing Kylo Ren is prone to machine-destroying temper tantrums — and even again in The Last Jedi. So what are they trying to hide at this point?

Kylo Ren being a menacing villain is pretty much a lost cause. His skills are rad, to say the least, and that has to count for something. But at the same time, there’s no way to deny (as Bobby Moynihan so gracefully put it on SNL), Kylo Ren’s a punk b*tch.

Even though, for a children’s movie, you’d think Lucasfilm would let a joke like that slide. In a movie that’s all fun and games, it wouldn’t be harmful at all for Stars Wars to have a little fun at their own expense. Now, Lucasfilm did say they would “prefer” they didn’t use the joke… so technically, Wreck-It Ralph could still do it. Whatever happens, let’s at least hope that Wreck-It Ralph could still sneak in some sort of Star Wars joke, even if means Kylo Ren won’t be the butt of it.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet hits theaters Nov. 21, 2018. And with so many Disney properties to make fun of, let’s hope they found time to drop a Marvel joke in there, too.