Cover reveal: Kit Frick is back next year with All Eyes On Us


Coming out in 2019, Kit Frick has a new YA thriller for fans to enjoy after See All the Stars. It’s called All Eyes On Us, and here’s your first teaser.

Normally, new books arrive on Tuesday. (There are exceptions, of course.) But even though today is not Tuesday, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you a new book surprise. Although you’ll have to wait until next June to actually read this one, we here at Culturess are proud to reveal the cover to Kit Frick’s second novel: All Eyes On Us.

After See All the Stars earned plenty of praise from us (and other outlets), it sounds like All Eyes On Us will be in much the same vein — a YA thriller that deals with some contemporary topics. According to the synopsis sent our way by Margaret K. McElderry Books, the biggest topic seems to be LGBTQ rights (well, that and something like a serious take on John Tucker Must Die). One of the main characters, Rosalie, doesn’t feel safe in coming out, especially since her parents have already put her conversion therapy before. That’s why she’s also dating Carter.

Unfortunately, Carter also has another girlfriend, and someone texts both Rosalie and Amanda “in a bid to take Carter down.” (Now you see where the John Tucker Must Die comes in.) The final line of the synopsis is this:

"PRIVATE NUMBER: You shouldn’t have ignored me. Now look what you made me do…"

Somehow, we don’t think they’re referring to the Taylor Swift song of the same name. Could there be some murder involved? An exposé? The latter seems too tame, frankly, considering the menacing tone of that text.

Here’s the cover:

All Eyes on Us cover. Image via McElderry Books.

The champagne-colored background almost makes you think like this might be a bubbly teen book, but then you realize that the actual title of the book is wavy in spots because of the tears. It’s a nice touch.

Moreover, it’s two tears, not just one as you may expect. Remember: we have two main characters here. Even though just one eye is on the cover, both of them might find themselves in tears at one point or another. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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All Eyes On Us currently has a release date of June 4, 2019; See All the Stars is out now.