Outlander season 4: 5 things we learned from New York Comic Con


Jamie and Claire have quite the journey ahead of them in Outlander season 4. What will the New World bring them? Find out what we learned at NYCC!

The premiere of Outlander was shared at New York Comic Con and the show is surely taking some crazy twists this season. Jamie and Claire find themselves in the New World, all while trying to figure out what kind of world they want to leave for Brianna.

Throughout the panel, we learned about some important developments coming for Outlander fans in season 4.

To North Carolina

Jamie and Claire decide in the first episode that they’re going to stay in North Carolina. In a very sweet moment, Jamie tells Claire that he wants to stay in America because it is their daughter’s home. He wants to make it a better place for her and is willing to fight in the wars to help her.

So when everyone is talking about returning to Scotland, Jamie and Claire decide that it is best they stay in North Carolina.

More time travelers?

The end of last season led to the discovery of a skull with silver fillings. Claire pointed out that those killings wouldn’t be invented for hundreds of years and so, at the panel, the creatives behind the show were asked what it meant. Would we see the other travelers in the fourth season?

The answer was simply yes. We didn’t get any other information but at least we know that question will be answered throughout season 4.

America isn’t going to be perfect

The end of the first episode doesn’t exactly end on a happy note. Jamie and Claire are forced to see the dark side of the new frontier and we don’t know what is going to happen from the encounter. Will their decision to stay in America change or will they fight through what happened to them to make the world better for Brianna?

We’re getting more seasons

Not just a season 5 but a season 6 is also confirmed and production has already begun for season 5! We don’t know the full extent of what season 4 will bring us but maybe Brianna will be reunited with her mother and there will be traveling for them both!

What will happen with Brianna?

Brianna is currently in the future with Roger but what is going to happen with her and her mother? From what we saw in the trailer, something Roger finds alerts her to her mother’s whereabouts and, with all the news we have been seen about her and Jamie, she might be going back in time.

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