The Doctor meets her first two (confused) companions in season 11 clip


Fresh off of a regeneration, the Doctor doesn’t have much of a clue about who she is. Luckily, her two newest companions are there to help.

When asked who they are, the Doctor boldly and proudly proclaims, “I’m the Doctor!” But when regenerations role around, the answer to that question might be a little hazy for them.

Take, for example, the latest clip from season 11 of Doctor Who. On the heels of meeting their first incarnation, a fake Bill, and World War I British captain in “Twice Upon a Time,” the proper 12th Doctor knew it was time to once again regenerate into a new being. Like all times, confusion and excitement ensue as they begin to figure out who they are this time around —  and we assume there’s some added confusion now that the Doctor’s a woman.

Cue, Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) to help the Doctor figure out exactly who she is. When Yasmin (or Yaz) sees the Doctor and tells her”Hold on madam,” the Doctor looks clearly confused and asks in response “Why are you calling me madam?” Perhaps a bit of an odd question for the companions to hear, but we know they’ll get used to it eventually.

In the clip, Yaz also mentions that the train they’re on is a potential crime scene. Is this where the Doctor first lands after her regeneration, or is the train a crime scene for other reasons?  According to the plot’s synopsis, the Doctor will help the two new companions solve “the strange events taking place across the city.”

As it typically goes, the doctor will hit the ground running after this regeneration. That means there’s no time to rest as the 10th Doctor did following his transformation in “The Christmas Invasion.”

The only thing this season 11 clip is missing is the Doctor’s third companion, Graham, played by Bradley Walsh. As much as we’d like to see all three companions meet the Doctor right now, we’ll just have to wait to see how Graham runs into the lot and becomes part of the Doctor’s crew.

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Season 11 of Doctor Who will premiere on Oct. 7 at 1:45 p.m EST on BBC America. The first episode’s start time allows both fans in the U.S. and UK to watch at the same time!