12 books you should read this fall based on your zodiac sign

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Dry

Given their practical and realistic approach to the world, Taurus readers are bound to enjoy Neal Schusterman’s latest novel, co-written with his son Jarrod, which tackles a very real problem in a very exaggerated way. Dry is set in a world where water has become a scarce resource, regulated to ensure that no one uses it irresponsibly.

When the “tap” eventually runs out, humanity is forced into an incredibly difficult situation. Naturally, people are willing to do anything to keep themselves and their loved ones alive. Shusterman explores the darker side of humanity, including our willingness to go to extremes to save the ones we love.

And human nature is something a Taurus can understand, isn’t it? Dry comes out on October 2, and it isn’t a novel you’ll want to miss.