See how women across the country reacted to the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing


The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing sparked a flurry or reactions on social media from women.

Disclaimer: Some of the content within this article may be triggering. 

Watching the Kavanaugh hearing this Thursday resulted in a rollercoaster of emotions for many women, and truly anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault.

We know that hearing about these topics can be distressing for many, and we want to remind you that it’s important to take care of yourself. Be angry if you need to. Take some time to relax and unwind and unplug if you need. These things are heavy and often cause people to relive some of their deepest traumas.

Women both inside and outside the hearing have had a lot of reactions to what they’ve been hearing and watching. Whatever your feelings and reactions are to the distressing rhetoric shown by Kavanaugh and many others at the hearing, you’re likely not alone.

We’ve compiled some of the best reactions to the hearing, especially women’s reactions to seeing how Kavanaugh composed himself.

Alyssa Milano, actress and #MeToo vocalist, was at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. She shared some of her thoughts with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I wasn’t there with any political agenda. I was there to support a survivor of sexual assault. And I felt like I needed to be there to show that support and be there to prove that a man’s misogyny should not take precedence over a survivor’s humanity."

She also talked about the mood in the room.

"Dr. Ford’s testimony was painful and hard to sit through. I was most taken by how eloquently she was able to describe the things that she remembered… And I can honestly say it was the absolute, polar opposite of when Kavanaugh spoke. When he spoke, there was a lot of rage in the room. Not only from him, but also from the Republican party. I felt like the Democrats didn’t really know how to respond to that rage in a way that was effective and impactful."

Women, and others who don’t identify as cis-men, took to the internet to share their reactions to the hearings.

To start off, we see someone wishing Milano had some otherworldly powers.

Many people pointed out that Kavanaugh’s reactions reminded them of classic abusive tactics and behaviors.

Several tweets touched on the privilege Kavanaugh has to react, calling out the double standard in how men and women are allowed to act in public spaces. He was allowed to rage, cry, and react emotionally. Women, especially women of color, don’t have that luxury.

And when it comes to beer, well, we all know how much Kavanaugh likes beer.

Many people pointed out that this wasn’t a criminal trial. It was a job interview to see if Kavanaugh was fit. Also, they noted that Ford is definitely not the one on trial here.

There was this all to real reference to pop culture. And we agree, it is frightening.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one man or one problem. It is a circular system of problematic behavior. This tweet perfectly summarizes how flawed the entire system is.

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Being able to share our thoughts with each other, hearing each other, and offering ways to heal and connect even if it is on social media is so important. We support survivors and believe them.

If you or someone you know is or has been the victim of sexual assault, please know you can go to or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 for support.