Insecure season 3 episode 8 preview: Issa’s way or the highway


This is it, we’ve reached the season 3 finale of Insecure. Will Issa and Molly reach their goals or revert back to more mess?

The preview opens with Issa visiting local artists and businesses to get vendors and performers in preparation for her block party. Unfortunately, she’s getting more noes than yeses and her dream appears to be stalling once again. Issa also celebrates her 30th birthday and her only wish is that it be as “drama-free” as possible. If Insecure has taught you anything these last three seasons, you should know that’s not a realistic goal.

Molly also gets a new opportunity at work, when she and Torian are asked to jointly lead a new case for her firm. Torian doesn’t look happy but hopefully, this time, Molly will play nice and not bulldoze all over her coworkers. I want this firm to work for Molly, but she has to put in the work to be a better team player.

The last few scenes are all clips that appear to indicate some Lawrence-tinged drama will be coming our way during the finale. Issa gets flowers from an unknown sender. We see Lawrence at a bar while Molly (offscreen) yells, “what are you doing here.” And Issa asks Molly why she didn’t tell her something. Molly responds that she didn’t tell her because she said she didn’t want any drama on her birthday.

It’s interesting that this episode is called “Ghost-Like.” Presumably, that would have been a better title for last week’s episode since Issa really did get ghosted by Nathan. But just like “Obsessed-Like” accurately described Issa obsessing over Nathan’s disappearance from her life, “Ghost-Like” will probably involve another person going ghost, or perhaps… the return of a ghost.

Watch a preview for Insecure’s next episode here:

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