Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie will be a romantic comedy, says producer


It’s been a long and interesting road to get us the new X-Men spin-off movie for Gambit, but the film seems to be coming together and we know some things.

The X-Men spinoff film for the character Gambit finally has solid details, offering relief to fans who until now were unsure if Channing Tatum’s superhero movie was delayed for good.

The film is officially moving forward and in an interview with IGN, Simon Kinberg, a producer for the movie, spoke about the project’s interesting direction.

Per the interview, Gambiyt is set to be more of a “romantic comedy” than anything else. Kinberg explained that the character’s background and attitude is what makes this the perfect genre choice for the movie. He noted that Gambit is, “a hustler and a womanizer and we just felt like there was an attitude, a swagger to him.”

The producer pointed out that the film isn’t strictly a romantic comedy, adding that he is using “that term loosely.” Kinberg touched on how people have described Logan as a Western, even though there were no gunslingers and western shootouts. So while there may be hints of a romantic comedy, fans should know Gambit is still going to be a superhero movie.

There will be bad guys and good guys, with the X-Men character of Gambit at its core. Beyond the apparent theme of the film, Kingberg also revealed the script seems to be done, which is why production might begin on the movie as early as next year.

For those unfamiliar with Gambit from the X-Men comics, he actually has a complicated history that includes being an orphan raised by the head of a group known as the Thieves’ Guild. As fans of the comics, we would love to see the Thieves’ Guild play a role in the Gambit movie, especially considering they helped raise him and shape him into the hustler he is.

And while this is a spin-off of the X-Men (much like Deadpool), we would love to see the character interact with some of the X-Men, in particular characters like Storm and Rogue who he has a history with. From Storm who he saved at one point, to Rogue who he was in love with in the comics, it would be fitting to see these characters play a role in Gambit’s story.

Another character we would love to see make an appearance in a Gambit movie is Cable. Even though Cable is now part of the Deadpool films, it would be great to see him make at least a cameo, especially with the turbulent relationship the two have. After all, at one point Gambit did try to kill Cable and nearly succeeded.

Speaking of Deadpool, this film could take a similar approach with action and humor. Give us a solid back story, a bad guy we want to see taken down, and some ridiculous innuendos, and we’re set.

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While the idea of a romantic comedy might be a surprising approach for an X-Men movie, it does offer a new approach — why not root for action, romance and heroic efforts all at once?