House of Cards: 3 things you need to notice in the new teaser


“The end is here,” House of Cards teases in its newest promo for the last season. Here’s what you should look at to get a better sense of that end.

It’s been a while since House of Cards has been able to tell more of a story beyond Claire Underwood’s rise to power in its promos for the final season. The latest promo from Netflix is only two minutes long, but it manages to seed some ideas for storylines, even beneath all of the statements from Claire and the address to the camera at the end.

So let’s dive in to the little details that could have some strong ramifications.

How men touch Claire — and when they do it

There are a few times throughout the teaser when men touch Claire’s arm or her hand, as if they’re trying to take her hand or support her in some way, shape, or form. It’s been made pretty clear that Claire doesn’t need men to help her like this, or at least she doesn’t think she does.

But the men still do that anyway, and it’s actually something she can use to her advantage. Of course, that cover may eventually run out. We’ll discuss that later, though.

Claire’s turn in her expression

Once she’s been told about her husband’s death and the staffer leaves, Claire wipes her eyes and looks up at the camera, clearly not as shaken up as she seemed. It’s a way to underscore the above: that she’s not that emotionally affected by the news of Frank Underwood’s death.

There’s a juxtaposition between Claire’s personas that spells out quite starkly and rapidly here, instead of unfolding over the past five seasons. But this is the first time in quite a while that we’ve seen that she still has the ability to turn on a dime depending who’s around her and who isn’t.

“We’ve got to get this woman out”

Paired with a shot going through Claire’s limo window, this line is spoken, very pointedly, by a man. I don’t think House of Cards fans should necessarily expect a full-on evocation of a woman triumphing over men who are trying to stop her. The show doesn’t really trade in that sort of thing. Granted, it might not kill Claire, but it will probably not leave her in power at the end of the series, either.

But the line also shows that someone may see through Claire or has continued to see through Claire. Those hints also pop up in the lines spoken by other characters about how Claire worked at this. All of this will be the central conflict. Expect a few other political notes, but there’s not as much time to devote to political machinations in the sense of getting bills passed or starting new agendas anyway.

With all this in mind, watch the teaser here:

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House of Cards premieres its final season on November 2.