Fan notices Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel and Hela entrances have something in common


One Redditor found a musical connection between Cate Blanchett’s character Hela and her character Galadriel. Could this be a LOTR-Marvel Easter egg?

Cate Blanchett has definitely made her mark in two of the biggest nerd fandoms out there. While her characters in Lord of the Rings and Thor: Ragnarok are quite different in many ways, there are some similarities.

They are both extremely powerful women who have the ability to shape their worlds and impact those around them. Also, they both wear some pretty stunning outfits. While Galadriel is definitely a good character, whereas Hela is not, she has her moments where she is also tempted by power.

Even though it’s been years since the Lord of the Rings films were released, they will always hold a special place in many nerd’s hearts. This is probably what led one fan on Reddit to discover an obscure connection between Galadriel and Hela.

"In Thor: Ragnarok, the notes played by high strings and choir when Hela (played by Cate Blanchett) arrives in Asgard are the same notes that open The Fellowship of the Ring, narrated by Cate Blanchett’s character Galadriel. This is really just a super obscure coincidence I wanted to share from MovieDetails"

This user found that the musical notes, characterized by high strings and a choir, that play when Hale arrives in Asgard are the same notes that open The Fellowship of the Ring. Now, fans will likely remember that Galadriel narrates the beginning to Fellowship. “The world is changed…”

Maybe this is just a strange coincidence, or maybe the composer of Thor: Ragnarok was inspired by her performance in Lord of the Rings. You can definitely see a connection between Hela’s Asgard speech and the speech Galadriel gives Frodo about power, too.

You can listen to the two scenes on Youtube to compare for yourself.

While the music might not sound completely the same, there are definitely strong similarities. We are loving this obscure connection between the two characters. And we are pretty glad Cate Blanchett took on both of these iconic roles.

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