Watch Stephen Colbert discuss an already-infamous Trump speech


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert certainly didn’t hold back on discussing a speech given to the United Nations by one Donald Trump.

There are days where The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has to focus on news — and news stories — that have been developing over a long period of time. (In today’s world, that means three days, tops.) But there are times where everything slows down and hands Stephen Colbert and his writing crew something to cover for a solid portion of the opening monologue.

On last night’s show, that something was Donald Trump addressing the United Nations. This morning, the Washington Post published an analysis of the speech, including a full transcript. You may have already heard about the laughter, and here’s the New Yorker breaking that, and the speech, down. Don’t worry, though: Colbert included the clips in his own monologue, so you’ll be able to hear for yourself.

Here’s the excerpt from The Late Show below.

Describing Trump as an “insult comic” does slightly belie the seriousness with which the speech was delivered, but he did get laughs, intentionally or not, so it’s not completely off the mark. (In other words, we might find what he said silly, but at the time, he was acting quite gravely, indicating that he’s serious about what he was saying, which is … not great.) Later in the day, he claimed that it was intended to be funny, although his own reaction during the speech itself seems to disprove that claim.

We’ll give Colbert one thing, though: His own jokes in his impression of Trump about other countries were good not because they were nice, but because they vaguely sounded like something that Trump himself might actually say. That’s a mark of a particularly strong impression, since you need to be able to capture the phraseology as well as something of the voice. Then again, Colbert has been doing this a lot lately. We’d be more worried if he didn’t get it all down.

For those who noticed that he’s clean-shaven, he also noted that later on in the show:

We miss you already, Colbeard.

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