Daredevil season 3: 3 things to notice in the ‘Burn’ teaser


It’s short and has no dialogue, but the latest trailer for Daredevil season 3 promises that the Netflix show is committed to its themes.

Daredevil, in its season 3 hints and teasers, has not shied away from the idea that things are not going to go well for the titular hero or his alter ego this season. That concept isn’t particularly new — when do things go right for Daredevil? — but all of the promotions from this season have taken on a stronger tone than that of previous seasons.

That’s all picked up in the latest teaser, which Netflix released earlier today. Titled “Burn,” it lasts just about a minute and only shows Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in character, and that’s really all it needs to do.

Watch it below:

Now, let’s get into what deserves some additional focus.

Discarding the fundamentals of Matt

From the Iron Fist season 2 post-credits scene, we knew that Matt Murdock might not be much of a factor in this season, but it’s notable that in this teaser, Matt actually throws his glasses into the fire. Those are one of the hallmarks of Matt being the dominant identity at any given time; his not wearing them while not being Daredevil usually signals some sort of vulnerability or personal moment, as he leaves them on in more professional situations.

But this goes beyond just taking them off. This is a suggestion that for one reason or another, he doesn’t think he needs them anymore, not even to pretend to be that person.

Clean, clean, clean

Hello, Kingpin. We missed you. As CBR notes, the white suit is a comic book thing, but it could also signal an evolution in his character overall. He’s tried before to paint himself as an avatar of good for the city, but this seems to say, in its nature as a reference to the comics, that those times are over. Call it a removal of a mask, if you will, even as Matt puts his on and refuses to take it off.

Light, dark, and reversal

And yet, even as we know Matt is the hero and Fisk the villain, one of them is only in firelight and the other is in a clean room. This is a continuation of the general themes — we’ve always known Fisk to like things neat and generally in whites and stark colors, while Matt’s more often found in shadier environs — but the juxtaposition makes it extremely clear here and thus dials everything up further.

To further underscore the contrast, Matt even burns a white shirt, while Fisk puts on a white jacket over his black shirt. Expect those colors to come up over and over in season 3.

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Daredevil season 3 premieres Oct. 19 on Netflix.