You can turn your office into The Office thanks to this prop auction


If you’ve ever wanted to have your home or office look like a replica of “The Office,” now is your chance as you can buy actual props from the show.

Even though The Office has been off the air for years, it will forever live on in many of our hearts. It’s an extremely rewatchable TV show, as episode after episode gives you warm, fuzzy, nostalgic feels… or makes you cringe because Michael Scott can be both the best and worst.

It’s also a show that will forever inspire memes and quotes, and is beloved by a fandom that remains solid to this day.

Now, you can take your love of Dunder-Mifflin even further. Last weekend, ScreenBid launched a huge online auction to sell props from the set of the show. Some of the props include Dwight Shrute’s nunchucks as well as a huge Dunder-Mifflin sign. The auction will be selling around 500 different props in total.

Dwight’s Rubber Nunchucks. Photo via

Some of the props are small and strange, such as the Band-Aids that Andy wore to keep his nipples from chafing during the Rabies Fun Run. Others are quite iconic, including Pam’s reception desk.

So, if you have ever wanted to keep an actual piece of the show with you, now is your chance. While the props don’t come cheap, for fans of the show, they might be worth it. Why not do a Dwight-style nunchuck dance in the middle of your office? Okay, maybe not in the middle of the office, but within your cubicle should be fine.

Want to display these props somewhere other than your office? Pick up some items from the infamous “The Dinner Party” episode such as the St. Pauli Girl neon sign.

With fans rushing to nab their little piece of The Office memorabilia, we can see why this show could rank highly this year in the Fandom 250.

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The auction ends on October 5, so start your bids right away while you rewatch the show for the hundredth time!

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