Jodie Whittaker surprising a bunch of Doctor Who fans is the best thing you can watch today


A few Doctor Who fans got the chance to share their love for the BBC show.  Little did they know, they were in for one huge surprise from the Doctor herself.

Some know Doctor Who as the British TV show about the mysterious person in the flying box. But for others, the show means much more than that. It’s a show about friendship, exploration, and self-discovery. And it especially means a lot to those fans who celebrated the first female Doctor after decades of male incarnations.

As a reward to those die-hard fans whose hearts go out to the Doctor, a few got the chance to express just how much the show meant to them back at San Diego Comic-Con. In the process of pouring out their hearts, they got the most unimaginable surprise: a visit by the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker.

In the style of Jimmy Fallon’s recent celebrity surprises, Jodie Whittaker watched behind a curtain as the fans gathered one-by-one or in groups to record a special message to her.

“Thank you for taking on the challenge of redefining what it means to be the Doctor,” one fan enthused as Whittaker smiled.

Many of the fans expressed their excitement for a female Doctor, happy that they could see someone like themselves take on the role they’ve loved for so long. Whittaker, seemingly eager to hear as many sweet words as she could from them, eventually popped out from behind the scenes to reveal herself. Their reactions (of course) were nothing short of being stunned, in awe, and completely excited.

You can hear their heartfelt stories (and see their amazing reactions) to Whittaker in the clip below:

With such dedicated fans, we know this means the Doctor Who fandom can soar to the top of our Fandom 250 list this year. It really shows that fans have been supportive of a female Doctor, and Jodie Whittaker is clearly supportive of those fans who love it so much. A few fans even tweeted afterward to show how excited they were to have met her.

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Doctor Who’s latest season be premiering in the blink of an eye (just make sure no Weeping Angels are around first). The show’s global return is on Sunday, October. 7.  Be sure to check back here on Culturess for more Doctor Who news.