The Good Place season 3 premiere preview: Everything Is Bronzer


Welcome back to The Good Place, everything is fine! What’s in store for our four humans back on earth? We’ll find out in the season premiere!

Let’s celebrate, benches, because The Good Place is back with new episodes! It’s been a terribly long wait since the season 2 finale forever ago (okay it’s only been since January, but still).

Season 3’s premiere hits airwaves this Thursday in a one-hour extravaganza. Because there’s never enough Schur-niverse on our televisions anyway.

Here’s the official season premiere synopsis, courtesy of NBC:

"Michael intervenes in the near-death accidents of Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason on Earth, in hopes that a second chance at life allows them to become better versions of themselves."

If you’re like me and can’t wait until Thursday to see new The Good Place, NBC “leaked” a sneak peek at the beginning of the episode. Check it out below:

It kicks off right where we left off with our four humans getting sent back to Earth to try again. This time, we get to see Michael giving them all a push in the right direction — literally. He pushes them all out of the way of their impending deaths.

We already know that he gets back to Earth and interferes again, giving Eleanor the nudge to find Chidi. But we haven’t yet seen Chidi, Tahani, or Jason’s time on Earth quite yet.

It’ll be so cool to see just what they do to change. Do their brushes with death cause them to reform their ways like Eleanor? Or do they keep doing ridiculous things?

Honestly, as long as The Good Place gives us more Pillboi, I think I’ll be happy.

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Plus, if Michael’s impressed by a Taco Hut (or do you call it a Pizza Bell?), just imagine everything else that will blow his mind.