Michelle Obama officiates wedding before ‘rock star’ book tour


Michelle Obama, whose upcoming book tour is getting “rock star” level treatment, somehow just made time to officiate a wedding.

Memo to Michelle Obama fans who were worried that her husband’s departure from the White House would result in her exit from the spotlight: Stop stressing. The former first lady continues to stay in the spotlight, with her book tour earning comparisons to rock stars. Oh, and then there’s that wedding in Chicago that she just happened to find time to officiate. To quote a social media post before it was deleted: “Holy Moly!”

Michelle Obama is a wedding Wonder Woman

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no, it was Michelle Obama officiating a wedding! NBC reported that Obama headed to Chicago during the weekend to play a key role in Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus’ wedding ceremony.

Like a true superhero (who never seeks fame), Michelle wasn’t even mentioned in the official wedding announcement for the newlyweds. But Obama participated in the event at the Theater on the Lake in Chicago.

A wedding guest shared a video on Instagram that showed the former First Lady leading the bride through part of her vows. The video, which subsequently got deleted, reportedly showed Michelle reading sections of the vows such as “I promise to stand next to you and support you.”

Obama then directed the microphone at the bride to repeat the words after the former First Lady. The video showing her participating in the wedding was captioned “Holy Moly” and “That moment when Michelle Obama officiated at your couain’s [sic] wedding,”

Following the wedding on Saturday, the former First Lady headed to Las Vegas for a Sunday rally. The event was held to boost voter registration.

Michelle Obama preps for book tour of 10 cities

Starting Nov. 13, Michelle will be on a whirlwind tour of 10 cities for her book Becoming. Entertainment Weekly pointed out that her tour is the type “usually reserved for legendary musicians.”

Adding to the impression that Obama’s book tour is on a level comparable to rock stars, her stops were arranged by Live Nation, a company that generally focuses on concerts. In addition to Chicago for the kick-off and Brooklyn for the final stop, the tour ranges from Boston to Detroit to Dallas and Washington, D.C.

And there’s another element that enhances the parallel with famous musicians: The cost.  To see the former First Lady at the arena in New York, for example, you’ll pay $1,256 for prestigious seats. A meet-and-greet option costs $3,000, compared to upper-tier seating at $29.50.

Live Nation described Michelle’s tour as featuring “intimate and honest conversations between Mrs. Obama and a selection of to-be-announced moderators, reflective of the extraordinary stories shared in the wide-ranging chapters of her deeply personal book.”

The tour dates are selling quickly, and the former First Lady turned to Twitter to express her appreciation for the enthusiasm.

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At each city stop, 10 percent of the ticket sales will be saved for community groups, schools, and charities in the area. The book’s publication date of Nov. 13 coincides with the tour start date. Obama’s final presentation takes place on Dec. 19.