Insecure season 3 episode 7 review: Obsessed-Like


Issa gets ghosted, Andrew gets canceled, and Lawrence gets right with God on this episode of Insecure.

Issa hasn’t heard from Nathan in a week and is worried. Wondering about why he hasn’t gotten in touch with her starts to occupy her every waking thought.

In an effort to stop obsessing, Issa throws herself into working on her Block Party business. But she can’t stop thinking about Nathan. Desperate to find out where Nathan went, Issa drags Molly to Andrew’s house to see if he’s home. Issa searches his room and is about to try hacking into his computer when Molly stops her.

Issa finally opens up and explains that the reason she liked Nathan so much was that he made her feel like less of a screwup. Molly lets Issa know that she doesn’t need Nathan and Issa refocuses on her business. She attends an entrepreneurship workshop Lawrence recommended and runs into him while she’s there. The episode ends with Lawrence and Issa chatting and laughing over coffee.

Issa gets ghosted and Insecure gets real

Insecure has always prided itself on being a relatable show about the awkward moments in a Black woman’s personal and professional life. But this was the first episode where I identified with the plot so much, I found myself squishing down in my seat.

You’d be hard pressed to find a person who has never been ghosted by someone who seemed like such promising material. Issa’s stream of consciousness thoughts, as well as her honest moment with Molly, perfectly captured the stages of grief that come with having someone disappear soon after you start to really like them. We’ve all been there, from the hours spent running down all of the mistakes that may have driven them away to the endless social media stalking.

Although her reconnaissance mission to Nathan’s was over the top, I sympathize with Issa and I’m proud of her for staying focused on her business plan. I enjoy seeing Lawrence helping Issa out because I think it gives her and the viewers a look at what he may have gone through before season one, as Issa experiences some of the same things (excessive paperwork, couch surfing and depression being among them). While I’m still very against them getting back together at this point, I do like seeing their budding friendship and Lawrence’s mentorship as Issa builds her own business.

Molly and Andrew aren’t a match made in Coachella heaven

Molly finally agrees to a date with Andrew and it goes well. Unfortunately, things sour during their second date when Andrew jokingly mentions Molly’s affair with Dro. Molly leaves and plans to cancel Andrew, but winds up seeing him again while Issa spies on Nathan. Andrew says Molly is f*cked up and Molly leaves again, newly offended.

Molly is also having trouble at work due to Torian’s micromanaging. After Torian asks to postpone a presentation they were supposed to give together, Molly goes behind his back and gives the presentation by herself. Though it goes well, Molly finds herself on Torian’s bad side.

While it would be easy to say that Molly once again got in her own way with Andrew, I’m not so sure it’s that simple. Sure, Molly overreacted at the bar, but considering how she felt about Dro and the bombshell about Candice’s pregnancy from last week, it’s understandable that she’d be a bit sensitive about that topic. For Andrew to bring it up on the second date, even as a bad joke, was out of line—it gets even grosser when you recall that Molly was high at Coachella when she shared that with him.

I’ll concede that Molly may have owed Andrew an apology, but my sympathy for Andrew went out the window when he wrote her off and called her “f*cked up” to her face. Andrew seems to have been judging Molly from the get-go and even if things hadn’t soured as quickly as they did, that trait would have become a problem quickly had they embarked on a relationship.

When it comes to work, Molly’s ambition continues to put her at odds with her colleagues. While it’s great to see her taking control of her professional life, it’s unfortunate that she hasn’t really made any lasting alliances at her job. Working a job as stressful as being a lawyer is already difficult enough, but doing so without a work bestie, or at least someone who you haven’t put off makes it even harder. Molly has to learn how to work with people in order to really excel at work, instead of stepping on toes to stand out as the star like her therapist said back in episode 4.

Lawrence finds the Lord

Lawrence decides to go to church in an effort to make a change in his life. Though he becomes friendly with an attractive member of the congregation, Lawrence isn’t as convicted in his new quest for religion.

I’m not sure what to make of Lawrence’s attempt to find religion. I can relate to his ambivalence about becoming more deeply involved in the church, but I can’t tell if Lawrence is being sincere in his pursuit of deeper meaning, or if this is just more Lawrence BS disguised as upstanding behavior.  However, I do think this storyline has some promise. At best, even if Lawrence doesn’t become a full-blown born-again Christian, going to church and having some kind of moral guidance may give him some much-needed introspection into his own shortcomings.

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Other thoughts:

  • Can Nathan’s mom share her skin, diet and exercise regime? Mama is 50 and poppin’!
  • Lawrence was brave to take heathen Chad into a church. I was waiting for a lightning bolt to come down and strike them during the service.
  • Molly and Andrew may have crashed and burned, but I’m still cracking up at Molly’s comment about Andrew’s baby hairs not making him a thug.