Should American Horror Story: Apocalypse be spending so much time on new characters?


Fans are still waiting to see some of their favorite familiar faces from previous seasons, so is it wise to spend so much time on new characters?

This season of American Horror Story has introduced a fair share of familiar faces from previous seasons, notably Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates who currently play two mysterious women who oversee Outpost Three.

Many actors who are staples of the series have returned for season 8. So far, however, we have only seen them playing new characters. We’ve been introduced to a mix of new faces, and there’s a bit of a struggle between accepting their importance to the storyline and impatiently waiting for our AHS favs to return.

One thing fans love about AHS is seeing returning actors play multiple roles over the seasons, and we knew going in that some of our favorite actors such as Paulson would take on new personas as well as reprise old roles in Apocalypse.

Yes, we know we’re pretty early into season 8, but admittedly we’re hoping for more crossover content than learning who all these newbies are.

Timothy and Emily, the new couple, have gotten a fair amount of screen time. Michael Langdon was featured heavily in the second episode. Though his character was born at the end of Murder House, this is arguably his first time to really shine on screen.

This is a curious choice as audiences are anxiously waiting to see how this season brings in previous characters and seasons. Fans have been promised to see witches from Coven, Vivien and Ben Harmon from Murder House and more.

While we are sure these characters will make an appearance eventually, it does seem like they are trying to tease out these connections. This could have the opposite impact, however, as it is hard to invest in new people when audiences are waiting to see more of characters they already have a connection to.

So far, the episodes have been a bit overwhelming and not as creepy as one would think given the set up of the End of the World and an underground bunker where people are punished for breaking rules.

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Do you think AHS should amp it up with returning characters or continue to dive into the show’s newest additions?