Jason Isaacs has special message for Tom Felton on birthday


It’s Tom Felton’s birthday and his movie dad, Jason Isaacs, had a special message of shame and pride.

Sept. 22 marks a special day for Tom Felton. He turns 31 today and Harry Potter fans around the world are sending him messages, photos, and GIFs. It’s not just fans, either. His movie dad, Jason Isaacs also had a special message.

With a photo of Felton when he first started in Harry Potter and one of Isaacs and Felton together at a convention, Isaacs shared how he’s both ashamed and proud of the actor. Fans of the Wizarding World franchise chuckled at the comment, seeing the love between the two.

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In the tweet, Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy in the movies, shared that Felton has brought the Malfoy name into disrepute by being a “gorgeous human being.” As Draco Malfoy, Felton was the bully of the movie series. He was that character you loved to hate but wanted to see redeem himself in the end.

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Of course, Felton is nothing like his Harry Potter character. Gearing up for his new YouTube Original series Origin premiering with fellow Harry Potter colleague Natalia Tena, Felton is one of the kindest, sweetest, and adorable actors you will ever meet. It’s not surprising that as Lucius Isaacs would be ashamed but as Isaacs he’s proud.

There was also a quip about Felton being a “fairly average guitarist.” This would be connected to Felton’s music career, as he’s released a number of EPs as a singer-songwriter. Does this go into the shame or the pride?

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Happy birthday, Tom Felton. We too are both ashamed and proud of you bringing the Malfoy name into “horrendous disrepute.”