The best TV shows you should watch based on your zodiac sign

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are a special bunch. They are tender and empathetic, but can be some of the strongest and most stubborn people you know. They are perfectionists and worriers, but they are excellent listeners. They make wonderful and loyal friends, and won’t ever give up on the folks they love. Virgos will enjoy shows about funny, complicated people — those who can’t easily be figured out. They enjoy the challenge of getting to the bottom of these characters’ motives.

Watch these shows if you’re a Virgo: 

Broad City: This show is Absolutely Fabulous for the millennial generation, and Virgoes will eat up this frank, honest series about two young women trying to figure their stuff out. They’re flawed individuals that Virgos will definitely find relatable.

Wynona Earp: This show is so woefully underappreciated, I wish I could tell everyone to watch it. It’s kind of like the Canadian Buffy, and it will make you feel all the things — cringeyness, heart-tugs, full-on belly laughs. The lead character is one of the most complex female characters on TV right now, and Virgoes will be drawn to her in a real way.

Mayans MC: Fans of Sons of Anarchy will immediately understand how intriguing this show is. As a spin-off of the very popular FX show, it is already making its own mark, telling the story of a Southern California motorcycle gang and it’s very mysterious members. Virgos will unite in their crushes on every single character.

Barry: Bill Hader is doing his best work ever as a hitman for hire turned wannabe actor. Barry’s existential crisis, rife with anxiety and self-doubt, will feel like a Tuesday for it’s Virgo viewers. They’ll love everything about this show.