Kristen Bell and Veronica Mars creator dish on Hulu reboot


Kristen Bell soared to stardom with Veronica Mars, and now she and the show creator are dishing on the reboot and original, both heading to Hulu.

Get excited, Veronica Mars fans! That’s the message from Kristen Bell, whose breakout role on Veronica Mars turned her into a beloved actress. Bell announced that Veronica Mars is “back in business,” thanks to a reboot coming from Hulu. And the good news for fans doesn’t stop there, with the show’s creator Rob Thomas comparing the reboot and the original, the latter of which will also stream on Hulu, according to CBS News.

Kristen Bell posts announcement video on Instagram

So how thrilled is Kristen Bell to be making the announcement? Based on the flood of exclamation points and capital letters to share the breaking news, we’re thinking she’s pretty much over the top with excitement.

Veronica Mars: A marshmallow history lesson

Before getting the inside scoop from Thomas on the differences among the film, original series, and reboot, however, let’s have a short history lesson (all you marshmallows, aka Veronica Mars fans, probably won’t need it).

The original Veronica Mars lasted for three seasons, airing from 2004 to 2007.  Bell starred as a high school student who didn’t have an easy life. The title character felt like an outcast as she struggled to heal from her best friend’s death. The drama also had a Nancy Drew feel in showing Veronica Mars’ skills in solving mysteries.

Following the success of the TV show, Bell and Thomas funded a Veronica Mars feature film through a Kickstarter campaign. The film, which was shown in 2014, took place a decade after the end of the show.

Creator Rob Thomas compares film and reboot

The growing enthusiasm for the reboot isn’t limited to Bell. Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas turned to Twitter to offer his own insights, comparing the original and the movie to the reboot.

Thomas cautioned fans of the admittedly “nostalgic” movie not to expect something similar in the Hulu limited series reboot.

Thomas also described the reboot as a detective show, and his hints about the Hulu series didn’t stop there.

Moreover, while there will be a “spring break” vibe to the reboot, Thomas promised that he’s not going to re-tell the Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Oh, and prepare for a female police chief.

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Beyond that, what do you think, marshmallows? Tell us your hopes, dreams, and any detective work you’ve done on the reboot.