Harry Potter fan theory about parchment paper needs addressing


A new Harry Potter fan theory has emerged online and has already gained traction amongst the Wizarding World fandom. It’s about parchment paper and it needs addressing.

You wouldn’t think a Harry Potter fan theory over parchment paper would need addressing but this one really does. It appeared on Reddit extremely recently and within a few hours of it’s posting gained a 92% upvoting percentage.

Submitted by steampunk_penguin, the Reddit user raises the question over how much parchment paper students used while at Hogwarts and how much that would have cost them.

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Delving into the very long and complicated process of how to make parchment paper, you begin to easily see why the use of parchment paper would be an incredible burden on students, and most importantly their families.

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Especially families like the Weasley’s who, we are reminded throughout the Harry Potter books, have very little; and going off this theory, their biggest burden is affording the cost of parchment paper.

Suggestions have been made on the Reddit thread of how this may have been solved. The main one being, ‘they used magic.’ Spells from Harry Potter like Engorgio, would have made the whole manufacturing process easier. You take one bit, make it double in size and in a simplistic form, you essentially cut the cost by half.

Other suggestions have been made that it wasn’t really parchment paper, it was just what they called it. They reuse parchment paper, therefore it is a one-off purchase. To Hogwarts provides the parchment. To the House Elves make the paper so it costs far less to produce.

All very valid points, but all points that can be very easily countered. Which is why it has picked up so much traction online, and why it really needs to be addressed, because right now we are just going around and around in circles about how the students of Hogwarts could afford so much parchment paper.

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What do you think? Do you have a suggestion of how everyone afforded the parchment paper? Or do you really not care? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.