Harry Potter and the Cursed Child soundtrack out: Can we expect the DVD soon?


The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child soundtrack is finally here. Does that mean the DVD version of the production will follow soon?

In case you haven’t heard (news only broke yesterday), the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child soundtrack is on its way. Set for a Nov. 2 release date, it will bring all the beautiful and spectacular music from the West End/Broadway production. While this is certainly something many fans have asked for since the release of the production, there are now questions about the DVD.

Not everyone can make it to the play locations. So far, they’re extremely limited, in Britain, the United States, and Australia. Yet, fans of the Wizarding World want to see the production. Whether skeptical or not about the continuation production, fans want to see which house Albus Severus Potter is sorted into, who he makes friends with, and what Harry Potter’s life is like 19 years after the defeat of He Who Must Not Be Named.

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While the soundtrack is on its way, there’s no mention of the DVD. This isn’t likely to come out for a while yet, if ever. The production is still traveling the globe, with the most recent one in Sydney with a new cast. With a show that’s still doing extremely well in theaters, the producers aren’t going to want to lose that momentum.

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We already know that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child isn’t likely to be released as a movie. There isn’t the plan to turn this from stage to screen.

So, does that mean a DVD will never come out? Well, no, not necessarily. We’ll likely not get something quite like the Les Miserables movie from a few years ago, but we may get something similar to the DVD release for the 25th anniversary. This was a filming of the stage production, showing the magic, the live performances, and audience reaction.

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It will be a while until we see that version of the DVD, though. For now, we’ll just have to enjoy the soundtrack at home. You can preorder it now before the Nov. 2 release date.