Harry Potter candles are the perfect gift for adults


The next time you need to get a gift for an adult Potterhead, you’ll want to grab one of these Harry Potter candles. Regardless of House Pride, you’ll need to collect them all!

Harry Potter is certainly a universe for children, but there are also plenty of adults who have fallen in love with the characters, the world, and the idea of magic. In fact, many of those adults were children when the books came out and have grown up with them. After all, the books are 21 (UK) and 20 (US).

So, it’s not surprising that adults Harry Potter gifts are out there. And the latest is a set of candles that come in pastel versions of the house colors. Despite House Pride, you’re going to want to collect every single one of them.

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The candles have a mystical scent. You’ll get hints of sandalwood, with lilac and sweet lavender. While the sayings on the candles may be naughty, the actual scents are awesome.

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The best thing about the candles is they’re placed in jars. Once you’ve burned through the wick, you’ll be able to wash out the jars and use them to your heart’s content. They literally become the Potterhead’s dream on your shelf or bookcase, making it very clear that you just don’t care about work, expectations, or even life itself right now.

If you can’t choose between the houses just yet, there is a fifth Harry Potter candle that’s just a blank statement “I don’t give a muggle[expletive].” This could be the perfect place to start if you’re not entirely sure which house your special someone belongs in—but admit it, you do!

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Which Harry Potter candle are you starting with? Who are you buying for? Share in the comments below.