Why is J.K Rowling still writing under pen name Robert Galbraith?


At this point, we all know that J.K Rowling is also Robert Galbraith. So why is the Harry Potter author still using the pen name to publish her books?

J.K Rowling is a queen among Harry Potter fans. But Potter isn’t the only story she’s brought to life. In fact, it isn’t the only one under her real name. With A Casual Vacancy on her record, Rowling has already branched out of the realm of the wizarding world. So why then did she write the Cormoran Strike series under a pen name?

Obviously to separate it from the very popular Harry Potter series but now that we know she is the author, why continue to use Robert Galbraith to publish? Maybe it is a logistics thing or maybe Rowling just likes the alter-ego that she has created but it is bizarre that a new book is coming out, she’s still penning it under Galbraith.

By now, we know who is behind the pen and, if anything, it has brought more people to the series. So will we eventually see the name “J.K Rowling” on one of the Comoran Strike novels or will Robert Galbraith always be the name given to its author? We’ll have to wait and see what Rowling does.

Personally, I kind of like that she chose a man’s name to publish her work so she forever excludes the “well with a female author” narrative that seems to infiltrate our pop culture coverage.

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Do you think it is time for Rowling to put down the Robert Galbraith title or should she still write the series under the original pen name? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about Robert Galbraith and the Cormoran Strike series.