Star Wars Episode IX rumor suggests a change in sides for one character


There is a new rumor regarding Star Wars Episode IX, and someone isn’t loyal. A character is switching sides, but we still don’t know who.

Express released a Star Wars Episode IX leak that has the fandom having Revenge of the Sith flashbacks. In true Star Wars fashion, the potential “spoiler” harkens back to Episode III in its overall tone and set up.

Revenge of the Sith took the idea of a trader in the midst of the Jedi. While we, the audience, were aware of the emperor, the prequels had Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the dark about who among them was a traitor. That is until Palpatine started to enlist Anakin to the Dark Side of the Force.

With Episode IX, the element of surprise is at the hands of J.J Abrams. The leak points out specifically that the film will focus on Kylo Ren dealing with a traitor among the First Order, a new tactic in the Star Wars world. Most of the time, it was always a traitor amongst our heroes. But with Episode IX, we’re watching as Kylo Ren tries to figure out who wronged him.

The leak points out that it is someone who would be shocking, but the only real red flag currently is General Hux. Throughout the films, he has shown that he doesn’t trust Kylo Ren to lead after the fall of Supreme Leader Snoke, so the only obvious answer seems to be Hux.

Then again, Star Wars isn’t known for predictable plot twists, so it could just as easily be Captain Phasma who turns to the resistance to try and help them. It is important to note that this is one of the first big leaks for Episode IX if true, and if the film is gearing up to show the decline of the First Order, you can count us in!

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