This is Us cast share their favorite moments from season 2


The stars of This Is Us talk about their favorite scenes from the second season of the show as fans gear up for season 3 to premiere on the 25th.

The third season of This Is Us is returning this month on the 25th, and fans are anxiously awaiting the return. There are a lot of questions fans have about what the third season will bring. We are pretty sure the season will continue to make us laugh and cry, so we can all count on that at least.

In interviews with Entertainment Weekly, the stars of the show talked about their favorite scenes, and here are a few of the highlights.

Milo Ventimiglia talked about moments that weren’t about his character, but when pressed, revealed that one scene that stands out to him is when Jack finally takes some responsibility for his drinking problem and admits to Kate that he had an accident.

"That might have been one of the harder moments I had during the whole season. And it was only because I’ve spoken to friends of mine who have had to tell their kids that he had a drinking or drug problem, some kind of addiction. To know that they’re risking this hero status and be taken down a notch, but also they can’t lie to their kids anymore — that was a particularly painful moment."

As for Mandy Moore, she went for a more lighthearted moment as her favorite. One of her highlights of the season was the scene where Jack and Rebecca dress up as Sonny and Cher and take their kids trick-or-treating. She points out how even in more light-hearted moments that this show knows just how to tug at our hearts and show how complex emotions and family can be.

"I love when we’re able to show the lighthearted side of childhood for the kids, and making the Halloween costumes. But [Rebecca] still has that really tender moment with Randall on the steps about him finding out that we had lost a baby and that he was told that he was the replacement and a miracle and having to explain all of that to him. It was just one of those multi-layered episodes."

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, talked about one of the most emotional, memorable moments from the season. During the finale, Kate dreams about her parents renewing their wedding vows in an alternate universe, one where Jack survived.

"It’s the ultimate wish fulfillment, and it’s so beautiful to see Jack at that age — to see the family still so madly in love. Just to see Kate and Jack at the table when Rebecca is singing ‘Moonshadow’ and the relationship that might have been. It was so hard to do that, I just wanted to cry all day, all day, all day."

We wanted to cry all day and night, too, so we understand the feeling.

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We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for the premiere of season three. We will try to emotionally brace ourselves for this reason as much as we can.