Meghan Markle now has a charitable cookbook fans can get their hands on


Meghan Markle is sharing her love of food in a new project. The Duchess of Sussex is bringing her foodie nature to the world again thanks to a new charity cookbook.

Before Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, married Prince Harry she was a known food lover who shared that love with fans and followers on social media and her blog, The Tig.

Now a new cookbook gives her the chance to do it again.

According to Vogue, it looks like Markle’s foodie loving days are no longer a thing of the past. Instead, an announcement from Kensington Palace has made it clear that the Duchess of Sussex is lending her name and support to a cookbook called Together: Our Community Cookbook.

The purpose of the cookbook is two-fold. Not only is it a celebration of how food and cooking can help to bring people together, but it aims to also raise money for charity.

The inspiration for the cookbook is touching, going back to January of this year. Meghan Markle visited the Hubb Community Kitchen this January, meeting women there who were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017. These were women whose families were displaced because of the fire and who ultimately gathered at the Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in order to cook for their families. They were joined by other women and the community kitchen was officially born.

Markle soon learned of the kitchen’s troubles, which included lack of funding that results in the kitchen only being able to stay open two days of the week.

Thanks to the Duchess of Sussex’s love of food and these women’s ability to provide for others, the idea of a cookbook was born. All the proceeds from the sales of the cookbook will go back to the Hubb Community Kitchen.

Beyond being on the cover of the cookbook, Markle also penned a three-page forward that describes the kitchen itself, as well as her own relationship with food. The new royal took time to share her own perception of what it is like to walk into the Hubb Community Kitchen, including describing the amazing smells and brightly lit interior. She talked about the welcoming attitudes of the women running the kitchen and the amazing dishes they create for their community.

For anyone interested in visiting the kitchen, the Duchess shared that the place is “cosy and brightly lit, with scents of cardamom, curry and ginger dancing through the air. It will take you about fifteen minutes to enter the room, as you will be joyfully greeted by kisses (cheek x 3) by each of the incredible women there.”

When talking about her personal relationship with food, Meghan Markle opened up about what it was like to be away from her home and the foods she grew up with:

"I’ve spent many years away from my birthplace of Los Angeles and have found that travelling far from home highlights the power of personally meaningful recipes. During my time at university in Chicago I would wait with bated breath to return to LA for the winter break and have a bowl of my mother’s gumbo. And while living in Toronto (seven years of being adopted by that beautiful place for work), I embraced poutine and several other Canadian culinary favourites, but the Southern California girl in me always craved fish tacos, and the memory of eating hometown fare infused with a strong Mexican influence."

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For anyone interested in supporting the Community Hubb Kitchen and picking up this cookbook with a forward by the Duchess of Sussex, it is available on Sept. 25. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, but you will also get the chance to read Markle’s own words on the kitchen and her love of food.