Harry Potter is up there with Unicorn Poop


Yup, you read that right. Harry Potter is up there with Unicorn Poop.

Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. Harry Potter and Unicorn Poop have finally managed to come together after the top holiday gifts and toys of 2018 list were unveiled by Amazon and other major retailers.

It’s the retailer’s chance to get ahead of the game and start letting parents know which gifts they think are the ones worth buying your little one for Christmas. Amazon has been doing this for years now, as has other retailers as well.

More from Harry Potter

This year has included a massive range of toys, from franchise favorites, Star Wars, Paw Patrol and The Wizarding World. Along with Nerf guns and board games.

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How Harry Potter and Unicorn Poop come into this is because they appear on the same list, roughly four spots from each other. Harry Potter made the list with its LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall Building set. Unicorn Poop came into it because of a game called Don’t Step on It, Unicorn Edition. In this game, you put on a blindfold, spin the spinner and then try to step on the fewest Unicorn Poops in order to win.

And that is exactly how The Boy WHo Lived is up there with Unicorn Poop.

I told you it sounded ridiculous, but you can’t deny. It is true.

You can see the full published list of top holiday gifts and toys for 2018 here.

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What do you think about the Unicorn Poop being in the same league as the Wizarding World? Would you play such a game? Drop a comment blow sharing your thoughts.