Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 14: MM 54

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Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

What could topple Morgan over is if the group also loses Al.

Everyone makes it to the hospital roof except her, though that’s a decision she willingly made. Sarah and Al were about to face a horde of walkers, when Al tells Sarah to leave and help her brother instead. There’s a moment there, where Al mentions people may not always have time with the ones they love, hinting perhaps at a family or even a sibling she had that’s no longer alive.

We still don’t know that much about Al’s backstory, other than that she was a journalist who due to her busy career didn’t have many close to her. Still, everyone has a family and while we’d hate to see this character go, if her time is coming to an end, we may get more of a backstory on Al before that happens.

As for Morgan and the rest who made it up to the roof, they’re pretty much stuck. June tries to be hopeful, telling Morgan he and the others will make it out of this. But from the looks of their situation, it is going to take some kind of miracle.

Could that miracle come by way of Alicia and Charlie? Or John and Strand?

Alicia and Charlie were last seen overhearing gunfire aimed at Morgan and the others. The two do eventually find the truck, but it is completely burned down at this point and the herd is gone. We have no idea how much time has passed, and Alicia tells Charlie it’ll be impossible to find them at this point. She tricks Charlie into thinking they’ll go east to search for Morgan and the others, instead headed towards the beach to fulfill Charlie’s dream we learned about in “Close Your Eyes.”

When Charlie discovers this, she insists they still go search for Morgan. During this exchange, the two realize they’ve come across a fake “beach” — flooded water thanks to the recent hurricane. In an extraordinary bit of serendipity, the two find good John’s cowboy hat.

Alicia looks up with a smile, signifying to us the two have come across John and Strand. We hope, at least.

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Undead Afterthoughts

  • Al feels others in the group have stronger connections to each other, and up to this episode, acts like an outsider. Could this be why she sacrificed herself?
  • In “The Code,” Sarah tells Morgan “If you can’t protect what’s yours, it ain’t yours.” This is her code of conduct, if you will. When Al tells Sarah to get to her brother, to protect him essentially, she took it seriously and left. We can see Sarah doing anything to protect Wendell; we just hope it doesn’t mean the end of her this season.
  • That comes to my next thought, in that Sarah and Wendell are one of my favorite additions to the Walking Dead shows overall. There isn’t a lot of humor on The Walking Dead, and Fear has found a way to bring that into a zombie show — with Strand, John Dorie, and now these two.
  • Final thought comes from Talking Dead. (Personal disclaimer: I refuse to watch this show because I refuse to watch Chris Hardwick. But I did catch a few moments of it on air while prepping this review.) Guests Sinbad and FTWD actress Tonya Perkins were discussing deaths on the show, Madison Clarke included, and there was a little commentary from Tonya noting no one ever fully said Madison was dead. Way to spark speculations there, Tonya…

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