Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 14: MM 54

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– Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Walking Dead fans know hospitals aren’t always the wisest location to hole up in. Grady Memorial Hospital didn’t work out so well for many, including the dearly departed Beth. Despite this being a different show, the hospital locale fails yet again as walkers ultimately break through and come for Morgan and the rest.

Just before this happens though, we get a slew of new background info for Sarah and Wendell.

To Al’s disbelief, Wendell says he understands where Martha is coming from. When pressed as to how that is even possible, Wendell remarks “bad shit happens when you try to help people.” When he was 10 years old, Wendell saved a kid from being hit by a car, causing him to be injured instead and subsequently paralyzed. He notes that despite this, he still wanted to help people and tried to join the Marines. Wendell says the recruiting officer wouldn’t even file his application.

Al later learns Sarah also wanted to serve her country, but didn’t agree with the Marines’ “code of conduct” for not allowing Wendell to join.

Now, about this time, you can imagine most Walking Dead fans would be worried. Lots of sappy backstories and conversations usually lead to a character being bitten or killed off in a gruesome way. Thankfully this show realizes the hidden gems they have with Sarah and Wendell, and they’re safe (for now) on the show.

Shockingly, it is beer-loving Jim who is about to meet his maker, being bit during a walker brawl in the hospital. His death may have been foreshadowed not so much by a sappy backstory but by his constant complaining to Morgan that the hospital was a bad idea, that Morgan’s a bad leader, that everything bad happening, in general, is because of Morgan. Now Jim’s going to die from a bite he received in the hospital under Morgan’s watch. Morgan doesn’t handle guilt well, at all. He can either shut down or run away from it, or go on a psychotic rampage as he’s done on The Walking Dead.