9 best moments from The Dragon Prince on Netflix


We binge-watched Netflix’s latest original animated series, The Dragon Prince, and fell into a magical world filled with lovable characters and excellent writing.

In this artfully crafted fantasy-adventure series created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond (Uncharted) and produced by Wonderstorm, six sources of magic exist: sun, moon, stars, earth, sky, and ocean. Humans are responsible for creating a seventh source of magic, one that involves absorbing the essence of magical creatures.

Known as dark magic, the elves and dragons banish the humans for betraying nature in such a horrifying way and create a border, separating the magical lands from the human kingdom. The Dragon King watched over the border until humans invaded and killed him and his sole egg, the Dragon Prince. At least, that’s what the stories say.

Many centuries later, two young princes, Ezran and Callum, and a Moonshadow elf known as Rayla discover the egg and take it upon themselves to deliver the egg to Xadia in hopes of bringing peace to their warring lands.

The nine-episode adventure will leave you wanting more, but until we get more of the story, here is a list of the best moments from the first season.

A+ reference to another dragon show

King Harrow is the ruler of Katolis and the father of Ezran and his step-brother, Callum. While he has a stern demeanor when it comes to matters concerning his kingdom and family, he’s also a lighthearted and gentle father with a serious case of the dad jokes.

When he tells Ezran and Callum they’re going on a trip to the family’s Banther Lodge, Callum responds by stating it’s spring and the Lodge is meant to be used during the winter. Harrow says, “Winter is coming, eventually.”

Given the fact there is another popular show that also has magic and dragons, we are happy to see a little Game of Thrones reference included in the first episode.

A hug between father and son

Callum is Harrow’s step-son, and while we don’t know much about their relationship, we do know they care about each other greatly.

With the hours counting down until the full moon rises, Harrow knows his time is running out before Moonshadow elves descend upon him to exact their revenge. Harrow meets with Callum privately to give him a letter. But before Callum leaves, the two share a heartfelt hug.

It’s always a beautiful thing to see a father and his son embrace each other in such a loving and supportive way.

The Dragon Prince production still. Photo: Netflix.

Callum discovers he’s a mage

After Ezran and Callum befriend Rayla, the Moonshadow elf who initially sought to kill them, the trio run away in an attempt to escape a pair of enchanted wolves.

When they reach a dead end, the only thing Callum has at his disposal is the primal stone he took from Claudia, a friend of the family and a dark magic practitioner. Callum thinks quickly and uses the stone to summon a gust of wind necessary to vanquish the creatures.

Once he’s done, Rayla tells Callum he’s a mage. Callum is surprised because he believes himself to be just an average person, but hearing this excites him. The scene turns out to be a special moment for Callum, so that makes it a special moment for us.

Aunt Amaya and representation

When the boys and Rayla arrive at the Banther Lodge to find an important object related to the six sources of magic, they are surprised to find Aunt Amaya.

Amaya is a fierce warrior who watches over the border at the Breach. Not only that, but she is a deaf character who carries out her conversations by signing. Just as Ezran and Callum were shocked to see Amaya, we were equally surprised and pleased to see a deaf character in full battle armor.

It’s another reminder that inclusive writing is the best kind of writing and how representation is immensely important in storytelling.

The story behind Rayla’s parents

While the boys have learned to trust Rayla, Callum knows she’s hiding a few things from them, like how she’s afraid of water. She tells them Moonshadow elves aren’t supposed to show fear.

This conversation eventually leads into the territory about her parents. Rayla’s parents were part of an elite force known as the Dragon Guard. When the humans invaded Xadia long ago, it was their responsibility to protect the Dragon Prince. They failed in their duty and ran away.

It’s a detail that reveals much about Rayla’s motivation and drive to do better. At the same time, we find it hard to believe her parents up and left their daughter behind. We think there’s another part to the story that involves Lord Viren, the High Mage of Katolis and King Harrow’s closest advisor, but we’ll hold off on that theory for another time.

Ezran saves the egg

The journey to Xadia takes the main characters through treacherous terrains. When an avalanche sets them back, Ezran finds himself on thin ice—literally.

Their main concern, however, is to get the dragon egg to safety. Callum hands it over to Rayla, but due to a growing pain in her hand, she accidentally drops it. The egg crashes through the thin ice and into freezing waters.

Ezran jumps into the water, completely disregarding the safety of his own life, and retrieves the egg. It’s a brave and heroic moment from the youngest member in the group and one we won’t soon forget.

The Dragon Prince production still. Photo: Netflix.

Runaan’s coin

Runaan is a Moonshadow elf who led the assassination plot against King Harrow. After he follows through with his plan, he is later captured and chained in the dungeons with no escape in sight.

He refuses to cooperate and answer any questions Lord Viren has about a mirror that once belonged to the dragons. It’s a complete mystery to Viren, but Runaan gives the impression he knows the secrets Viren (and the audience) seeks. Unfortunately for the elf, Viren has lost all patience and traps Runaan in a magical coin.

Up until this point, Runaan showed no fear, but he definitely showed it when we caught a glimpse of his coin. This moment also gave us a closer look at Viren’s darker side and the effect dark magic has had on him over time.

Ava’s missing leg

After being exposed to sub-zero waters, the dragon egg is now dying. Time is running out, but the protagonists learn about a miracle healer from a young girl called Ellis and her adorable wolf, Ava.

Ellis tells them the story about how Ava’s leg had to be amputated. Her family saw the wolf as an unnecessary mouth to feed, so she and Ava run away on a wintry night. They’re eventually found by this mysterious healer, who gives Ava back her missing leg.

They all go in search of this healer only to find Ava’s leg is only an illusion. We learn Ava never needed a fourth leg to be happy. It’s a beautiful and profound moment because people place a great importance in appearing whole and normal. It reminds us to be true to ourselves, even when society thinks otherwise.

The hatching of the egg

In order for the dragon to survive, it must be hatched from its egg. When Callum figures out how to make that happen, they all stand back and watch as the egg starts to crack.

After a few suspenseful moments, the egg finally breaks open and out comes the most adorable dragon we’ve ever seen. It’s a joyous moment, but there’s also the lingering fear of what dangers await them next.

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We hope a second season will be announced soon. But until then, what are your favorite moments from the first season of The Dragon Prince?