Wonder Woman of the Week: Stephanie Beatriz, Gay Emmys queen


Wonder Woman of the Week this week is Stephanie Beatriz, a bisexual icon who inspires us this week and every week.

It feels like we could celebrate Stephanie Beatriz every week, to be honest. As an out and proud queer woman, she has been an inspiration to many other bisexual people and queer people of all kinds. Also, her portrayal of Rosa on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been revolutionary TV in many ways.

The character is also bisexual and has an important, significant coming out story that resonated with many viewers. As an LGBTQ woman of color who plays an LGBTQ woman of color on TV, Beatriz is an inspiration to us all, and we love seeing her work.

Beatriz has talked a lot about LGBTQ issues in media, and selecting just one quote about this work was difficult, but we did our best. Talking to Teen Vogue about the importance of casting queer actors to play queer roles she said,

"I think there’s room to do your diligence as a creator. If you’re writing a bi character, did you look at a lot of bi actors for the role? Did you really go and find people that identified as queer? If you did then great, and if you didn’t find anyone you liked in that pool, well, that’s surprising. If you write a character that’s trans, the time is now — cast a trans actor. There are tons of them and they’re really f*cking good."

We couldn’t agree more.

This week, Autostraddle hosted their first ever Gay Emmys where fans voted for their favorite queer characters, storylines, and actresses. Beatriz, and her character Rosa, won multiple of these Gay Emmy awards. She was pretty excited about this fact, too, and shared a tweet about it.

We are all glad that Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t get canceled, and we can’t wait to see where Beatriz and Nine-Nine take Rosa’s character in the future.

Also, if you aren’t following her on social media, you definitely should be. She is charming, smart, and hilarious. Highlights of her social media include Instagram stories with her hilarious thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise.

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Basically, we are big fans of Stephanie Beatriz. We love how outspoken and proud she has been about her bisexual identity, and we are excited to see what she does in the future. We bet she continues to inspire us all, and make us laugh, too!