20 Star Wars locations you can visit in real life

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Canary Wharf, London

When the Rogue One trailer was first released, Londoners everywhere took to the Internet to say “Hey, doesn’t that corridor Jyn Erso is running through look familiar?”

Indeed, Londoners take their representation of the Underground very seriously (honestly, ask them about Thor’s trip from Charing Cross to Greenwich in three stops; you’ll be there for hours), and they had spotted, in seconds, the appearance of Canary Wharf tube station in the Star Wars universe and made sure everyone knew.

Canary Wharf tube station was originally intended to be the Imperial security complex on Scarif, and though the set designers hid the big sign that said Canary Wharf in Star Wars-ian grey decals, the glass doors that lead to the Jubilee line trains, escalators, and strip lights were easily recognizable.

This is somewhat unsurprising, given that the steely-looking station was famously designed by Norman Foster, an architect known for his high-tech designs. However, little of the station actually made into the Rogue One movie, after the film underwent significant reshoots.

It can still be seen as undercover Cassian enters the stronghold where the Death Star records are kept, but the shot in the trailer, where Jyn, Cassian, and the rest run along the platform is nowhere to be found.

If you’re visiting London though, it’s still worth checking out, if only for the cheap thrill of passing through it and thinking “LOL I’m on Scarif.” Everyone knows that the best Star Wars moments are the everyday ones.

That’s why we wear Star Wars t-shirts, after all — so we can live our lives and take Star Wars along with us. Ideal.