Netflix originals you should watch based on your zodiac sign

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Pisces: Lost Song

Those who are Pisces-born are very creative individuals. They are in touch with their feelings and emotions and feel compassion and sympathy towards others. A Pisces is often drawn towards art and music and can prefer a fantasy world to reality. Pisces are selfless and find that they can make friends easily. They are faithful and compassionate towards others, yet can be seen as too trusting. For Pisces, we have chosen Lost Song.

Taking place in the midst of a long-waging war, Lost Song is an anime that tells the story of a young girl named Rin, who has an energetic spirit and a passion for music. This passion leads her to hope for a chance to perform with the Royal Orchestra at the Capital. Rin’s younger brother, Al, also wishes to go to the Capital to showcase his inventions. Eventually, Rin discovers that she has strong powers through her singing and poses as a threat to the Capital, bringing about the destruction of her village.

This series has beautiful animation and music and definitely looks like a winner to us. We hope that all Pisces and other zodiac signs will enjoy this anime as well. Lost Song is set to be released September 28.