Netflix originals you should watch based on your zodiac sign

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Sagittarius: Chef’s Table (Season 5)

Sagittarius-born are open minded and love to travel around the world. They are optimistic and lead well-intentioned lives, based on philosophy and freedom. Sagittarius individuals are often extroverted and will go out of their way to learn as much as they can about different people and their cultures. They are very opinionated and prefer to look to others for information rather than solely trusting what they see in front of them. Their perfect Netflix original is Chef’s Table (Season 5).

Once again, we’ve added a Netflix original that is not necessarily “new”, but has an additional upcoming series set to be released within the coming weeks. Chef’s Table is a documentary series that travels around the globe, searching for the most world-renowned chefs. Each episode focuses on a different chef, and tells their story of how they got to where they are, their influences, and the struggles that they faced in the past and current hardships they may face now. This show gives its audience an in-depth look into the hard work and effort put into the lives of these culinary geniuses while proving that despite their struggles, they are unable to give up.

Season 5 of Chef’s Table will be available September 28.