Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin marriage rumors soar after mysterious new tweet


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin marriage rumors are soaring, and she tweeted, then deleted, a plot twist no one saw coming!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been linked in on-again, off-again romance rumors for years (surpassed in longevity only by that seemingly never-ending relationship that the Biebs enjoyed…and then ended…and then enjoyed again…and then ended again…with Selena Gomez). Now rumors are soaring that they’ve taken their love for each other to the next level by getting married. We’ve got everything you need to know (including a plot twist) below.

First, the courthouse…

Bieber and Baldwin sparked the wedding rumors by taking what TMZ termed a “field trip” on Thursday to the courthouse. Faster than Superman could fly to Lois Lane’s house, rumors were flying that they’d attempted to get marriage licenses under-the-radar (apparently they aren’t too good at keeping their adventures secret).

Witnesses told TMZ that he got a little emotional during the lovebirds’ visit to the NYC Marriage Bureau. He was allegedly crying and told her that he couldn’t “wait to marry you, baby.”

Bieber also reportedly thanked a court official for “keeping it on the DL” (sorry to break it to you, but that DL plot didn’t succeed). One observer told the media outlet that the official was a judge, providing a clue that Baldwin and Bieber tied the knot.

Oh, and just to keep the rumor mill going strong, TMZ also reported that a source overheard the couple announce that they were leaving the United States.

Then Twitter…

In the golden era of Hollywood, stars turned to newspapers’ gossip columnists to share their version of wild rumors like the current knot-tying speculation.  But hey, this is 2018, and it just takes a quick tweet to set the romance record straight. So that’s exactly what Baldwin did — and then undid.

People, which initially reported that Hailey and Justin had gotten married, stuck to its original story but clarified it based on Baldwin’s tweet. Even though several insiders told the publication that Baldwin and Bieber “tied the knot in a civil ceremony on Thursday at a New York City courthouse,” her first tweet made it clear that she does not view herself as officially wed.

“I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!” Baldwin tweeted on Sept. 14, according to People, which copied it before she deleted it.

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So now that she’s added to the marriage mystery, we’re turning to the wisest group we know, our Culturess readers. What do you think? Are you Beliebers that they tied the knot to become Mr. and Mrs. Bieber? Or do you think it’s all a wildly romantic but untrue tale? Share your comments below while we come up with a list of possible places where they could go on a honeymoon without being followed by the paparazzi. (Hmm, is Mars a possibility?)