Daniel Radcliffe: Playing Harry Potter never felt cool


You would think that being able to be The Boy Who Lived would be the coolest gig ever, but Daniel Radcliffe confessed that he never felt that it was.

As a self-confessed Potterhead, I think we have all at point in our fandom lives imagined ourselves as The Boy Who Lived. Fighting against Dementors and Death Eaters, toppling Lord Voldemort. What couldn’t be cooler? Well, according to Daniel Radcliffe, anything might have been cooler because being Harry Potter wasn’t something that made him feel cool.

While attending The Tonight Show, to promote his new Broadway production, The Lifespan of a Fact, Daniel Radcliffe talked about his time playing Harry Potter. Confessing that he never actually felt very cool playing the kid with the lightning bolt scar, it was a very revealing moment, especially for all of us Potterhead’s.

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Radcliffe revealed this little nugget rather off handily while Jimmy Fallen, host of The Tonight Show, was showing Radcliffe several different Harry Potter memes in order to get his reaction.

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One such reaction being that he likes how people find Harry Potter memes cool, because when he played Harry Potter he himself never felt cool. So, the fact that people share these memes and find them cool is a really great thing.

You can see Daniel Radcliffe’s appearance on The Tonight Show in the video just below.

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What do you think about Daniel Radcliffe’s confession about not feeling cool playing Harry Potter? Did you ever imagine yourself being Harry Potter? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment just below.