Chris Evans posts adorable picture with his dog on Avengers 4 set


Chris Evans posted a picture of himself and his beloved dog, Dodger, on the set of Avengers 4, and fans have a lot of feelings.

Chris Evans will always be a fan favorite celebrity, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is he handsome and charming, but his portrayal of Captain America has been spot on.

As Chris has been filming Avengers 4 reshoots, fans are lamenting that this could very likely be the last time they see him on the set of a Marvel movie. Fans are worried about the fate of Steve Rogers, and, even if he survives the movie, as of now, Chris Evans isn’t set to appear in any other movies. It’s understandable that fans are a little heartbroken thinking that his run as Captain America is almost over, and we are right there with them.

Chris posted a selfie of himself and his dog, Dodger, on Twitter yesterday. Fans of Chris will know all about Dodger. It’s just so adorable how much he loves this dog.

The caption of the photo reads, “Senior year. #A4” Fans appreciated that he took the time to confirm his presence on Avengers 4 reshoots, and they couldn’t get enough of how good both he and Dodger looked.

Fans were also thrilled with how he made the picture a meme of sorts. As Avengers 4 is the fourth installment of the Avengers franchise, it would make it his fourth, final, and senior year as an Avenger. Fans had a lot of thoughts about this.

Oh, and Chris also posted a video of Dodger yesterday, too. He really is just giving his fans what they want with all of this heartwarming content. It looks like Dodger found a friend at the dog park. How cute!

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We are loving all of these tweets. Keep them coming, Chris! We will keep our fingers crossed that Steve’s story is wrapped up in a way that ends with him being happy and alive, and we will also keep hoping that Chris Evans will return to the role in the future.