Robert Downey Jr. sends some love Pepper Potts’ way on Instagram during Avengers 4 reshoots


Robert Downey Jr. — or rather Tony Stark — gave Pepper Potts some love on Instagram, and she returned the favor.

With Avengers 4 reshoots continuing to film in Atlanta, fans are loving all of the pictures our Marvel favorites are sharing on social media. We’re also looking for any possible clues about the upcoming film, especially since the fate of some characters is still up in the air.

One character fans are worried about surviving Avengers 4 is Tony Stark. While we won’t know his fate until the movie comes out, we are all excited to see that Robert Downey Jr. is on set once again. This was confirmed earlier this week when crew member Jimmy Rich posted a picture of RDJ riding on an electric scooter.

Today, RDJ himself posted a picture on his Instagram. In the photo, he is standing in front of his trailer campground with his arms outstretched in signature Tony Stark/RDJ fashion.

The caption reads, “Hey Pepper, your place or mine?” Gwyneth Paltrow is tagged, along with an adorable #PepperTony hashtag. Fans of the characters and their relationship were thrilled, as evidenced by the excited comments.

Gwyneth Paltrow shared a response post, standing in front of what she calls RDJ’s “basecamp.” She also posted a selfie with herself and Robert, included the ship hashtag #Pepperony. Looks like Pepper Potts survived the snap and will be in A4!

While there may not be a ton of clues for the upcoming Avengers film, this is easily one of the more positive things we can cling to. (Safe to say, some of us are still feeling despair over the events in Infinity War).

Plus we have to say, RDJ’s little trailer compound looks like a place we’d all be down to hang out at. His co-stars have teased the actor about the number of trailers he’s had on sets; he had five on the set of Captain America: Civil War.

We wouldn’t expect anything less, to be honest. Tony Stark has always been kind of a diva.

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We are loving all of these social media posts, and we will keep you posted if any more actors confirm their presence on Avengers 4 reshoots.