Chipotle introduces large side of guacamole for National Guacamole Day


You can now buy a large side of guac at Chipotle as the company has rolled out an 8 oz. option to celebrate National Guacamole Day.

If you love avocados and guacamole (and if you’re a millennial, isn’t that almost a requirement at this point), you likely are a fan of Chipotle’s guacamole. While it can often be frustrating to have to pay for that extra guac, a burrito or bowl from Chipotle just isn’t the same without it. Now, for guac fans, Chipotle has a rather exciting announcement.

To celebrate National Guacamole Day on the 16th, the restaurant announced they are now going to offer customers the chance to buy a large-sized side of guacamole. While before, the only size available was 4 oz., now the chain will offer an 8 oz. size, too. They will also be creating a large order of chips to go along with all this guac.

The chief marketing officer of the franchise, Chris Brandt, had this to say about the announcement,

“Guac has long been one of Chipotle’s most beloved items… Many of our customers can’t get enough of our guac, and we’re thrilled to give people even more options to get their guac fix.”

The official announcement also let customers know that they will be rolling out a sticker set on Giphy to be used on Instagram. This sticker set will be released on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, Chipotle will have Snapchat filters and guac-themed stickers to use on that app, too.

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If you love Chipotle and guacamole, now you can get more of what you love. As for us, we just might have to get our hands on this large side of guacamole. Hopefully, this option doesn’t cost too much more, but the price will likely vary depending on location. If you’re in Manhattan, the large side of chips and guac is likely to cost you nearly $7. But, hey, why not treat yourself for National Guacamole Day? You deserve it.