Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


If you thought Riverdale was all about the odd styling, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina looks like it’s going to take that to a supernatural level.

“Happy Birthday,” as a song, generally doesn’t get creepy unless you really work at it. Fortunately, Netflix’s official first teaser for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina really works at establishing the atmosphere and making sure that you know this is not your classic ’90s sitcom with Melissa Joan Hart.

There are mysterious blue flames, probably the straight-up devil, and, just in case you were still not creeped out, everyone singing to Sabrina on her 16th birthday disappears from one shot to the next. There are some shots that remind us of Riverdale, particularly the party scene where Sabrina gets her groove on, but a lot of this seems like it owes more to American Gods or the Upside Down of Stranger Things fame — and we’re very into the crossover aesthetic as it stands now.

Unfortunately, this isn’t much of a plot teaser, but does a plot teaser really matter when this is just so fun to look at? It looks like there’s at least one ritual performed on Sabrina in Ambrose Spellman’s bedroom. There’s also plenty of shots of Sabrina in white in the woods, which again evoke a different mood. Sabrina might be young, but she’s not necessarily as innocent as those shots make her seem. Growing up with two witch aunts in a mortuary might do that to a person, and the eerie smile she gives the camera at the end helps sell that point.

We’ll have to wait until next month for Chilling Adventures to actually premiere on Netflix, but now that we’ve gotten this first teaser, perhaps a full trailer will come along sooner rather than later.

Watch it below:

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What did you make of the teaser?