Jennifer Lawrence wants celebrities to be honest about their diets


 As an actress, beauty and looking good are a big part of Jennifer Lawrence’s life. But that doesn’t stop her from being honest about things like dieting.

In an interview with InStyle, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about being part of Dior’s first major fragrance since 1999. While speaking to the magazine, the actress discussed not putting a lot of stock in looks plus her opinion on dieting.

While one might expect an actress like Lawrence to be either coy about their diet or even try to discuss their latest efforts to have the “perfect Hollywood body,” that’s just not who the actress is about. Instead, she has often been vocal about what she considers to be the unrealistic standards that people have revolving around beauty and looks.

According to Jennifer Lawrence, the biggest thing about dieting for her is honesty. Thus she had no qualms discussing how she diets during awards season or other important events.

"I just like it when everyone’s honest. If you are 20 pounds underweight and talk about eating pizza and fried chicken all the time, that’s not going to make people feel good about themselves. If I’m going to the Oscars or having a movie premiere — I won’t lie — I’m probably eating differently from how I would in my regular life to fit into those dresses. And I feel comfortable saying that."

That’s right, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that when it comes to having to dress up for special occasions her diet is going to reflect that. And honestly, that makes sense. She is putting herself on display in gorgeous gowns, and that means being a lot more conscientious when it comes to what one is eating (or even drinking).

Along with a stringent diet during awards season, Lawrence added that she feels at her best when she’s “disciplined” about her health.

"Like, when I’m really making myself go to the gym. Which is a joke, because I definitely pay more for canceled workouts than actual ones. But when I’m there and running on the treadmill, that’s when I feel most powerful."

Lawrence also touched on self-confidence and appearance, but in her humorous fashion, telling InStyle that her brothers told her she was ugly, “butt-ugly, to be exact.” Because of that though, she adds that “I was fortunate to go through a lot of my life without being too concerned about my appearance.”

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Basically, Jennifer Lawrence is all about mixing things up and not doing or saying what might be expected. While some actresses might be afraid to be quite as open and honest about themselves, clearly Lawrence has no problem saying what she thinks and means.

Lawrence is a woman who is empowered to be herself. And we wouldn’t have her any other way.