Daniel Radcliffe reacting to Harry Potter memes [Video]


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe featured on The Tonight Show and was put through the ringer by being presented with Harry Potter memes. Watch how he reacted.

We have all seen a Harry Potter meme or two. Probably more if we are being honest with ourselves. Turns out The Boy Who Lived himself, Daniel Radcliffe, hasn’t seen very many however, so Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity upon himself to correct that injustice when Radcliffe appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, September 13.

Fallon presented various different Harry Potter memes, all I am sure you will recognize, to Radcliffe and he gave his impressions on what he thought.

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From a very well-dressed dog, to 99 problems and a snitch, to thinking about your tuition loan, each reaction to each individual meme by Radcliffe was unique and amusing.

Especially the meme involving tuition fees as Radcliffe explained how that picture came about.

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However, the crowning jewel of the memes presented was the viral YouTube video of YouTuber Kelsey Ellision where dressed as Hermione Granger, she danced furiously to the delight of many at MCM London’s Comic Con.

You can see the full video for yourself of The Tonight Show just below.

Radcliffe is currently prompting his new Broadway production, The Lifespan of a Fact, which is why he was on The Tonight Show.

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So, did you watch The Tonight Show last night? What did you think about Daniel Radcliffe and his reaction to Harry Potter memes? Did you recognise them all? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.