LittleBits’ three new inventor kits will take kids’ imaginations to the next level


LittleBits announced three new toys: a base inventor kit, music kit, and rover kit that’s bound to inspire the next generation of brilliant inventors.

LittleBits is well known for its Inventor Kits, which allow kids to build their STEM skills while playing with toys that cater to their individual interests. And though it’s going to be hard to top its Avengers Hero Kit and Star Wars Droid Kit, the company just announced that its collection will be getting three new additions.

The Base Inventor Kit, Electronic Music Inventor Kit, and Space Rover Inventor Kit all are all themed so that kids can choose which subject they’re most passionate about while playing. Each kit comes with a set of tools and an app full of activities, making it possible to create a variety of fun inventions while simultaneously learning new things.

Base Inventor Kit from littleBits. Image courtesy of littleBits.

The Base Inventor Kit introduces children to innovators making positive changes in the world, whether it be by helping people with disabilities, taking on environmental issues, or fostering relationships within communities.

Using the activities on the app that accompanies it, kids can use the Base Inventor Kit to build fun and helpful tools, like prosthetic limbs. They’ll also be exposed to positive role models, in the hopes that they’ll one day use their developing STEM skills to do good in the world — or be “changemakers,” as littleBits likes to put it.

Electronic Music Inventor Kit from littleBits. Image courtesy of littleBits.

Kids with an interest in music will be more inclined to pick up the Electronic Music Inventor Kit, which lets them use littleBits building blocks to build a number of instruments to jam out to — from guitars to more creative pieces, like an electric keytar and air drums.

The activities for the Electronic Music Inventor Kit will teach kids more about the music world and the inventors responsible for helping it evolve.

Space Rover Inventor Kit from littleBits. Image courtesy of littleBits.

And finally, the Space Rover Inventor Kit is aimed at kids who are passionate about space exploration. (And let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t love spaceships and aliens?) It’s easy to get creative using this kit, with unique inventions like alien life detectors and space rock collectors listed as suggestions on the app. NASA might want to keep an eye out for the smart kids getting a kick out of this toy!

The new Inventors Kits are perfect for kids with wild imaginations and a strong interest in learning. “We want to empower kids to invent the world they want to live in,” said Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits. “We are inspired by this generation’s desire to help others, improve their communities, or break new barriers in art, design, and science.”

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All three kits are available for purchase, and littleBits will also be adding related video content and tutorials to to accompany their release.