Harry Potter thrill ride construction photos gives clues


Universal’s new Harry Potter thrill ride is under construction and photos of that construction have given us some valuable clues to what the ride could be.

Universal Orlando broke our hearts and also fixed them at the same time when announcing that ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ 2019 was canceled but also a new Harry Potter thrill ride was coming. Construction for the new ride is underway and new images of that ride have been taking giving some valuable clues as to what it might be.

As things stand, all that Universal has confirmed is that the new thrill ride is on the way. They have not confirmed what part of the Harry Potter it will be based on, or even if it will be Harry Potter; it could easily be based on the Fantastic Beasts storyline.

Theorise have been circulated that the ride will be centered around the Forbidden Forest, however, one of the construction images taking by Attraction Magazine throws that idea out of the window.

Suggestions that this is possibly a ride involving the Great Hall have now been suggested by fans. The only problem with this idea is that Hogwarts is just up the road at the theme park. So why build a second Hogwarts castle?

Another suggestion made is that it will be Kings Cross station, the only issue with that is the structure does not even come close to resembling the famous train station.

So while the new construction image gives us some very valuable clues as to what the new Harry Potter thrill ride could be. It has certainly not narrowed down the field enough to make any certain guessing about what it be.

You can see all the construction photos taking by visiting Attraction Magazine here.

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