Lara Croft can smile in Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s photo mode and it’s unsettling


It’s time to play the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider game, and that means learning the ins and outs of this new Lara Croft story. Turns out, she can smile.

Reviews are starting to come in for the newest adventures of Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. And while for the most part reviews are focused on things like the graphics and overall gameplay, it turns out there is even more to the game for those looking to have a little more fun with Lara Croft.

On Twitter, Andy Kelly, who goes by the handle @ultrabrilliant, shared some very unique screenshots from his turn at the game. It seems that in photo mode, users can change the facial expression shown on Lara Croft’s face. And what expression did Kelly share with us but a smiling Croft in the midst of her mission.

Forget Lara Croft Tomb Raider, this is now Lara Croft college student on break. From standing next to a dead body in a tomb with a slightly tired smiled, to having a slight grin on her face as she readies her bow and arrow, this is not the Lara Croft we remember from previous games (or even the movies).

In some of the photo mode screenshots, the smile is not only out-of-place, but even a bit creepy. At the same time, there is something captivating about these pictures because it’s impossible to look away.

While we certainly enjoy seeing a smiling Croft, even in the weirdest of situations, it was Twitter’s response that was truly entertaining.

One Twitter user, Chris Larson @cranium2001, even compared the picture of Lara Croft smiling to a scene from Shrek. And if you ever needed a laugh this one tweet is enough to make that happen.

The Shrek tweet was not the only one that caught our attention either. There was also the tweets that point how this looks like a Lara Croft who has truly lost it. Another suggests that this is the kind of smile you see on women being told they should be smiling more. And still, others played off the idea of the many selfies people post to social media in situations they probably shouldn’t be taking pictures in.

Overall, there is a lot of humor to the idea of using photo mode to change the facial expression on Lara Croft’s face. Here is a woman who is hunting down relics and taking on bad guys. She is literally raiding tombs, and yet there is now a feature to put a smile on her face.

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Are you going to check out the photo mode when you start playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Do you think this feature is one that enhances the game in some way? Tell us what you think of Tomb Raider offering up a chance to change Lara Croft’s facial expression.