These Marvel and ABBA mashups will help you forget all about Infinity War


Fans have been making videos of Marvel scenes set to ABBA songs, and the results are delightfully adorable and strangely perfect.

With Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and Avengers: Infinity War both being released earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before fans found a way to mix the two together.

Now, you wouldn’t think that these two things would really fit all that well since Mamma Mia and ABBA songs are full of a lot of joy and pep, and Infinity War was full of a lot of, well, death. But, fans have found that mixing together the fight scenes from Marvel with ABBA songs makes for a delightful time, and we have to say we agree!

Marvel has some pretty amazing fight scenes — such as the dramatic one-on-one confrontation between Killmonger and T’Challa above the waterfall and the intensely choreographed fights between Bucky and Steve in The Winter Soldier — and adding pop songs to some of these scenes just feels right somehow.

The Thor: Ragnarok end battle, for instance, was pretty amazing and featured “Immigrant Song.” So it was a natural choice for a mashup like this, where once fan replaced “Immigrant Song” with “Dancing Queen” (which still seems pretty on brand for Taika Waititi). But, to be honest, Thor: Ragnarok could probably be set to all kinds of pop music and still be fantastic.

You definitely need to check out some of these fan videos.

Since we are big fans of both Marvel and ABBA here, we can’t get enough of these. The mix of pop songs and fight sings is a bit absurd in the best way. We love to see our heroes looking like dancing queens, and after the traumatic scenes in Infinity War, it is nice to have something fun and funny to make us laugh.

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Which one of these is your favorite? Which Marvel scene would you like to see set to an ABBA song? If you have seen more of these mashups that you love, please send them our way as we definitely can’t get enough!

(H/T: Gizmodo)