Professor McGonagall Patronus proves how awesome she is in Harry Potter


There are many moments in Harry Potter that proves how awesome Professor McGonagall is, but her Patronus is the only one that you really need to look at.

Looking back at Harry Potter, there are several moments in every single book that shows how amazing a witch and person Professor McGonagall is. From her amazing magical abilities, to her caring nature, there are many examples that can be used. But if you want one single moment that proves how amazing she is, and most importantly, how much she kicks butt. Just have a look at her Patronus.

A Patronus, as many Potterheads will know, is one of the most complex spells a witch or wizard can cast. A guardian that will shield you from a dementor. It can be in a corporal and non-corporal form.

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When Harry cast his Patronus, it produces a Stag, Snape’s is a Doe, Dumbledore a Phoenix, and Professor McGonagall is a cat.

Each is unique and personal to the witch or wizard who cast it.

So, what has this to do with proving how awesome Professor McGonagall is?

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Well, in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, McGonagall casts three Patronus and sends them off as messengers to the other Heads of House to tell them what is happening.

"‘Come. We must alert the other Heads of House. You’d better put that Cloak back on.’She marched towards the door, and as she did so she raised her wand. From the tip burst three silver cats with spectacle markings around their eyes. The Patronuses ran sleekly ahead, filling the spiral staircase with silvery lights, as Professor McGonagall, Harry and Luna hurried back down.– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

McGonagall’s Patronus is described for the very first time and the unique part of the description is the spectacle marks around its eyes. These are the same spectacle markings McGonagall has around her own eyes when she transforms into a cat.

So basically, her Patronus is herself. Therefore, the only thing that can protect McGonagall, is McGonagall.

How freaking amazing and awesome is that?

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Did you notice this when you first read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? What do you think about McGonagall’s Patronus being herself? Share a thought just below by leaving a comment.