Mulan’s live-action remake has two big surprises for fans: Music and Mushu


Mulan fans rejoice! Not only will the live-action remake of the Disney movie feature music, but Mushu is coming back too.

Production has begun for the live-action remake of Disney’s animated classic Mulan. While that is exciting enough for many fans, according to The DisInsider, fans of the animated movie are in for a big surprise. It turns out that not only will we be getting music from the original movie in the remake, but we’ll also get to see our favorite (little) dragon, Mushu!

Originally, director Niki Caro revealed in an interview with Moviefone that there would not be any music for the live-action remake. It seems now Disney’s had a change of heart.

A source close to the current production has revealed that some songs from the popular 1998 animated film will make it into the movie. While we don’t know which songs will make the cut just yet, we are definitely rooting for some of our favorites like “True to Your Heart,” “Reflection,” and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”

Another piece of news that the insider shared was that we’ll get to see Mulan’s wisecracking, fire-breathing, troublemaking sidekick Mushu. In the animated movie, Mushu is a small dragon, voiced by Eddie Murphy, who was tasked by Mulan’s ancestors to watch over her on her quest to save her country and bring honor to her family.

In many ways, Mushu was vital to Mulan’s success, even if he also caused her quite a few problems. We can’t really envision a Mulan without Mushu at her side. So, learning that the sassy guardian is going to make an appearance in this movie is extremely satisfying.

With shooting and production having just started, it may be some time before we learn more about the music that will be featured in the film, as well as what role characters like Mushu will play. No matter how they choose to incorporate the character and the music, we have high hopes for this particular live-action remake.

Not only are we getting a cast that actually fits the roles, but we are going to see Mulan’s heroic story brought to life once again.

Disney is working hard on bringing many of their animated movies to the big screen as live-action films. We’ll try to wait patiently for Mulan‘s 2020 release, and 2019 can help as we’ll get to see live-action versions of Dumbo and Aladdin.

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